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Accuracy is a very important aspect of technical service. Pinpointing the problem and fixing it right. Thanks to our highly-skilled imaging engineers, we provide an exact diagnosis, followed with precise service. We handle all types of MRI and CT maintenance and services, including full system installation, rigging, de-installation, cold-head replacement and cryogen fills. These are just some of the reasons why leading hospitals and physician groups rely on East Coast Medical Systems to repair and service their imaging equipment.

ECMS has available to its customers, full service, labor only, PM only, shared risk, and other customizable contracts. We work to tailor our agreements to match our customer’s needs. As our customer’s needs change, we are flexible enough to change with them. We maintain a large amount of parts locally. That means less time waiting for parts to be delivered and less downtime of your imaging equipment.

Magnet Cold-Heads
ECMS has invested considerable amounts of time and money to make sure our cold-head replacement service is top notch. We have procured all the necessary training, tools, and equipment to do the job right, the first time.

Magnet Ramping and Shimming
ECMS has the ability to ramp and shim magnets according to our customers needs. This allows us to not have to rely on other vendors when the time comes to ramp or super-con shim a magnet.

Cryogen Transfills
We offer cost effective cryogen transfill service for your routine service needs. Emergency service is also available.

CT Tubes
At ECMS, we rely on Dunlee™ tubes for our CT equipment. We have been able to negotiate extremely favorable pricing, which we pass on to our customers. We can sell just the tube to our customers, or we can provide the installation as well.

Dicom Networking
Whether you just need two systems to send DICOM images to each other in the same room or you need a whole radiology department to have the capabilities to send images to facilities across the nation, ECMS can help. We have designed and implemented many DICOM networks, both local and wide area.

Biomedical Engineering Department Support
At ECMS, we understand the needs of in-house biomedical engineering and clinical engineering departments. We know the need to keep costs down is essential. We also understand the requirement of hospital staff to receive and maintain technical training on their equipment. We encourage our customer's in-house biomedical and clinical engineers to accompany us when we are on-site servicing their equipment.