East Coast Medical Systems

Our Company

We specialize in sales, service and support of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our technical expertise is out-of-the-ordinary. We bring many years of combined experience of equipment support, on-staff hospital imaging engineering and operations into a top-notch group of service and sales professionals. In-depth knowledge and customer focus is key.

  • Industry leading technical service and support
  • Customized service agreements
  • Emergency repairs 24/7
  • Cryorefrigeration and magnet service
  • Refurbished CT & MRI equipment sales
  • Installation and de-installation
  • Mobile solutions
  • Site selection and planning
  • On-site project management

ECMS was founded in July, 2003 by Jimmy Kallam and Wes Preston. Both founders have extensive experience in the medical imaging service industry. They gained their experience from working with equipment manufacturers, ISO’s, and hospital in-house imaging departments.

Mission statement

Our purpose is to express our diligence, knowledge and vigilance by pinpointing our customer’s needs and by addressing their problems, by hiring highly skilled engineers in order to provide an exact diagnosis and by being keenly watchful for any ensuing problems. To grow the organization properly, and maintain our reputation as being one of the highest regarded companies in our field, both by our customers and our peers.


ECMS is located in Alpharetta, GA, a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. Being this close to the busiest airport in the world gives us the advantage of being able to get parts in and send parts out quickly if needed and also allows us to get to your location fast so we can deliver results quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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