MRI and CT Installations


Whether it’s a newly constructed facility or an older scanner being replaced or upgraded, ECMS can assist our customers with the complete process. An installation or upgrade can occasionally be a lengthy process. If an interim mobile is necessary, ECMS can help procure a short term rental unit.


Our professional riggers have the experience necessary to move equipment in and out of your facility without damaging your facility or the equipment.

Site Planning

We can assist our customers with any site planning necessary to get their imaging equipment installed. We can even assist with obtaining a “Certificate of Need” or “letter of non-reviewability” if required by your state.


Whether you just need two systems to send DICOM images to each other in the same room or you need a whole radiology department to have the capabilities to send images to facilities across the nation, ECMS can help. We have designed and implemented many DICOM networks, both local and wide area.

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